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EMS 100, 200


How energy efficiency is improved

SAUTER EMS is the professional solution for displaying all types of energy consumption, identifies potential for saving energy and provides fundamental information for operating in a more energy-efficient manner and, therefore, more cost-effectively and competitively. Support is provided for the requirements of the ISO50001:2011 standard and energy audits according to ISO 50002 (EN 16247) for energy management systems and the guidelines for introducing them in companies.

Transparency and visualisation of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

SAUTER EMS offers all the advantages of a state-of-the-art cloud solution. For example, energy management information can be called up at any time online, and reports can be sent automatically in a variety of formats.

As an alternative, EMS is also available as a licence solution for implementation in an existing IT infrastructure.

To provide an overview for company-wide energy management, maps of the various locations are available so that users can skip directly to the detailed views. These maps can also be defined as alarm overviews.

For optimised planning, SAUTER EMS provides forecast functions based on reference curves with calculated past values.

Measurement data is analysed and displayed in standardised reports or on portal pages that are available online and can be called up in a WEB browser via smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android), and via standard PCs and notebooks.

EMS Mobile is a smartphone and tablet app that provides optimised access to alarms and portal pages, as well as the option of manually entering meter readings online.


  • Energy data managed centrally for centralised and decentralised sites based on measurement data, key figures and reference variables

  • EMS Mobile can optimise significantly manual data entry for meter reading rounds, and also ensures the data quality and that the data is available more quickly.

  • Forecast functions based on reference curves, past data and formulae, as well as entry of future data point values

  • Geographical maps can be assigned to any site, with direct links to detailed information and a general representation of alarms at the sites

  • Standard reports for showing measurement data and comprehensive analysis options with scatter and carpet plots, as well as load curves, which are important components and prerequisites for various “Green Building” building certifications as per standards such as LEED, BREEAM, EnEV, MINERGIE, HQE, GreenCalc+, and for ISO 50001 company certification and ISO 50002 / EN 16247 auditing

  • Logbook for documenting measures and entering comments and notes, in line with ISO 50001

  • Displaying portal elements in external applications, including websites, PowerPoint presentations and Green Building Monitors

  • Software Data Connector (SDC), including SSL functionality for building management systems such as novaPro Open, novaPro Enterprise, for SAUTER EMS Energy Data Logger (EDL, listed under “Accessories” for the products and their predecessor models), and for e-mail, SNMP (licence model only) and SQL

  • SDC FTP data source for automatic import of CSV, XML, MSCONS and LPEX file formats with definable import interval

  • Direct data acquisition (independent of SAUTER) through one or more SAUTER EMS Energy Data Loggers (EDL, listed under “Accessories” for the products and their predecessor models)

  • Data acquisition, validation and automatic aggregation to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly values

  • Entering and using time-dependent reference variables such as areas, operating and opening times, production times or high- and low-rate times

  • Display of measurement data, reference variables and key figures as time series in diagrams for any periods

  • Web-based graphic display of energy consumption including the basis for generation of the energy performance certificate

  • Web-based graphic energy consumption comparisons with standardised benchmarks

  • Optional creation of reports directly using the report module integrated in the SAUTER EMS server

  • Automatic sending of reports by e-mail

  • Seamless integration into facility management systems Possible as an option with SAUTER EMS server

  • Allocation of consumption and costs to internal cost centres and third-party tenants; optional connection of maintenance, CAFM and accounting systems

Technical description

  • Alarm management

  • Data point management

  • Management of measurement data

  • Aggregation (compression) of measurement data

  • Forecast and reference module

  • Comprehensive formula module

  • Manual and automatic correction of measurement data

  • Presentation of measured values

  • Benchmarking

  • Standard reporting (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly energy report)

  • Creation and automatic export of the reports

  • User administration

  • Data export and import

  • Configurable heating degree days

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