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Valve Calculation

VALVEDIM: For sizing valves and choosing valves and drives

A tried and tested tool for convenient valve and actuator specification, SAUTER provides installers and project engineers with its SAUTER VALVEDIM PC software. The tool comprises three function levels:

  1. Valve and actuator specification
    • using recommended values for a rough specification of the required versions and variables;
    • based on the existing or stipulated installation values for the definitive specification of the required versions and variables.
  2. Selection of the valve and the suitable actuator based on characteristics.
  3. Direct transfer of the results to the project documentation.


Valvedim is available through SAUTER’s national company.
SAUTER slide-rule
Here you find the useful online
valve slide-rule from SAUTER.
(Not optimised for smartphones.)

Poster: valves and actuators
Versatile range of SAUTER
valves and actuators.
Precise and powerful.

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