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Facility Management


Sauter FM is facility management from the specialist for building management and energey efficiency. With its expertise and its holistic approach, SAUTER FM ensures value retention, security and sustainability for your properties. News : SAUTER FM GmbH (Germany) becomes majority shareholder of Pandomus AG  


Energy-conscious FM

Save energy and costs through efficient building operation:

  • Save energy and costs through efficient building operation:
  • Customised energy concepts
  • Monitoring and analysis of energy data
  • External and internal benchmarks
  • Implementation of measures
  • Training in energy-conscious behaviour


Infrastructural FM

Coordination of all the services for every aspect of a building

  • Goods and logistics services
  • Caretaking services
  • Cleaning
  • Winter services
  • Catering
  • Gardening services


Technical FM

For the reliability and efficiency of all the technical equipment systems:

  • Monitoring of all technical parameters of a property
  • Continuous weakness analyses
  • Ensuring optimally functioning equipment
  • Maintenance and servicing of installations
  • Monitoring warranties
  • Refurbishment


Commercial FM

Ensuring the economic efficiency of a property:

  • Property accounting
  • Cost planning and controlling
  • Operating cost accounting
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Customer service


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