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Pioneering solutions
for state-of-the-art office workplaces

The workplace of tomorrow considers the individual wishes of the employees and enables well-being when at work. Building automation creates the room climate necessary for this. The integration of air-conditioning, lighting and automated sunshading reduces the cooling requirement, enables the glare-free use of daylight and leads to comfort at maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to the API interface and cloud integration, operation via an app is combined with other company services.

The automatic adaptation of the technology to altered room divisions (moving wall) simplifies the changing of usage, e.g. multiple individual offices becoming group work spaces.
The integration of reservation systems for meeting rooms into the building automation enables on-schedule room conditioning on the one hand, while on the other the building automation detects that a room is not being used despite the reservation and makes it available to other users again.

The recording and evaluation of presence detectors allows the optimisation of FM services such as daily cleaning.
Building automation increases productivity through the flexible usage of areas, satisfied employees and maximum energy efficiency.

Headquarters of the Bank Société Générale
in Belgrade (Serbia):
A very worthwhile investment

  • An architectural showpiece
  • Six stories of 1,000 m2
  • Economical overall system for all sub-systems, from heating to lighting and solar energy to the lift system, with SAUTER ecos 5 and the novaPro Open building management software


Nestlé: Shift building in Issy les Moulineaux outside Paris.

  • Renovations on 7 stories with modulo 5 and ecos 5.
  • Expanded by 45,000 m2
  • With particularly large rooms and nature at the heart of the building, it provides space for new ways of working
  • Use of the API interface from SAUTER Vision Center for the integration of cloud services


Bavaria Towers, Munich, Germany

  • Energy-efficient building concept as per DGNB Silver and LEED Gold
  • Office spaces with combined and open space offices, regulated with ecos 5 room automation
  • 4-star hotel with 345 rooms and panorama suites, a generous wellness area and 700 m² of conference and event space.
  • Building automation with modulo 5 and BACnet/IP
  • Building management with SAUTER Vision Center


Southbank Place: Redevelopment in one of London’s oldest cultural hubs

  • 20,000 square metres in the heart of London with high grade offices, residential buildings, restaurants, and retail units
  • Building automation with modulo 5 and BACnet/IP
  • Performance monitoring with SAUTER Vision Center



Ušće Tower Two – excellent sustainability

  • Sustainable building awarded with the BREEAM certificate “excellent”
  • SAUTER as both supplier and contractor for the complete building management system (BMS)
  • Room automation through SAUTER ecos 5 with BACnet and DALI interfaces



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