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Value retention and security From the specialist


We accompany you and your building from the engineering phase to commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

Our guarantees:

SAUTER increases the operating safety of your installation, prevents downtimes and sustains value.

SAUTER sends experienced service technicians and consultants, and resolves issues quickly and directly on site.

SAUTER utilises all the potential to make savings, thus reducing on-going and follow-up costs.

SAUTER anticipates risks and provides you with rapid assistance in serious cases.

Increased operating security and availability

Our highly-skilled, dedicated service staff ensure that your installations always operate smoothly. In this way, we ensure the best value retention of your building.

Our service technicians regularly inspect and adjust the installed technology so that we can increase efficiency and reliability by foreseeing and preventing potential malfunctions.


Ensure that your installations operate correctly and perform to a high standard

Preventive maintenance of effectiveness level

Reduction in follow-up costs

Value retention and investment protection


Safeguard the operability of the installation

Ensure the economical operation of the property.

Energy management

Our qualified specialists assist you

with individual energy consulting

with personal presentations

with energy analyses

Our energy management software

Data recording and evaluation

Clearly structured reports

Highlight areas where action is needed

Comparison with internal and external benchmarks


In the case of malfunctions or if you have a question or require information, our round-the-clock service is there for you. It provides you with access to technical staff and spare parts for your installations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.                                                                                                                    

Error-free operation of installations
Buildings that operate smoothly and energy-efficiently
Constant, personal support
Specialised, committed service staff
Analysis of consumption figures and energy consulting
Hardware and software renewals and updates
Customised solutions
Your profits.
Performance of the installations is ensured and reliability is increased
Optimal working conditions with high cost certainty
Collaboration with partner based on trust
Adherence to the latest safety standards; identification of additional potential
Optimal efficiency and use of resources
Protection against unexpected costs. Value and substance of installation/property maintained
High level of flexibility and optimal costs-benefits ratio
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