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Modern slavery transparency statement

This policy statement sets out the approach Sauter Automation Limited incorporating Wren Environmental Ltd
(referred to as “Sauter Group UK” for the purpose of this document) has taken and intends to take over the
next financial year (2021) with the aim of ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, that modern slavery or
human trafficking is not taking place within our business, contracts or within our supply chain.

Although Sauter Group UK are aware, that under current legislation, we as a company are not required to
produce a Modern Slavery Policy Statement we feel that as a responsible company it is our duty to protect, as
far as is possible, the victims of modern slavery and trafficking. This policy will be reviewed and updated when
required (i.e. legislation change) and on an annual basis.

The aim of this policy statement is to communicate our responsibilities and highlight the risks that modern
slavery and human trafficking pose to our business, clients and supply chain. Integrity is one of the core values
under which Sauter Group UK operates and as such we are committed to being a responsible business and to
upholding high ethical standards in all our operations including those of our supply chains.

The Global Slavery Index presents significant evidence that modern slavery is evident within the construction
industry and also those of principle associated supply chains such as construction materials and the delivery of
construction activities. To identify and minimise the risk of slavery and human trafficking Sauter Group UK
takes the following approach to the procurement of labour, goods and services:

  • Identification of issues and risks.
  • Collaboration with our clients and suppliers.
  • Clear definition and contractual communication of our expectations.
  • Review and assessment of our supplier/sub-contractor compliance through Sauter Group UK’s QA procedures.

Sauter Group UK assesses compliance of contractors based in the UK against; labour standards, health &
safety, environmental, quality and business ethics criteria. If any issue is highlighted Sauter Automation
Limited will seek resolution through support and training, if no resolution can be found the Supplier/Sub-
Contractor will be removed from all Sauter Group UK’s approved lists.

It is Sauter Group UK’s intention to instigate compulsory training for project supervisory staff covering the risks
of slave labour and human trafficking and on how to spot the signs of any potential issue within the two key
areas of activity:

  1. Procurement of materials and services.
  2. Supervision of operatives/workers.

Where staff have concerns around these issues they are encouraged, and expected, to report concerns to
Senior Management (in confidence if they prefer) and have the right to be kept informed of any resolution.

We will continue to review and evolve our approach as we gain a fuller understanding of the risks presented by
our business activities and suppliers and also in line with guidance published by the UK Government.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Sauter
Group UK’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement for the financial year ending 31st December 2021.

For and on behalf of the board

Chris Reid
Managing Director
Date: 1st January 2021

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