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moduWeb Unity

All buildings at a glance: Visualise, analyse and operate via the cloud.

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Your benefits of the local visualisation solution



Thanks to the increased performance of modulo 6 hardware, all building controllers are equipped with the embedded moduWeb Unity web server and have the following features:

  • On-board Building Management System (BMS)
  • User administration
  • BACnet Client
  • Database for historical data and aggregations
  • Expandable memory capacity
  • Encrypted communication

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With the network package, up to 150 additional devices from the same BACnet network can be consolidated into a single moduWeb Unity server. This means other SAUTER BACnet stations and BACnet products such as gateways from other manufacturers can be integrated and visualised in one place. The everyday operation of all integrated stations takes place on just this one web server. Small and medium-sized systems thus have an effective management solution without additional investment.

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Various technical security solutions are integrated into moduWeb Unity. For example, users must log in and identify themselves, and their actions are stored in an audit trail. Measures against suspected attacks as well as encrypted communication using the latest TLS technology increase security.

The basis for this is the international standard IEC 62443-3-3, which defines requirements for automation and control systems.

Security Shield IEC BACnet SC HTTPS TLC


Thanks to the latest technology implementation and responsive design, moduWeb Unity can be accessed with any HTML 5-capable device (smartphone, tablet, or PC) as a Building Management System (BMS). The following functions are possible on the automation stations:

  • Customised visualisation and dynamisation of systems
  • Structured display of data (BACnet objects)
  • Creating and managing calendars, schedules and trend logs
  • Alarm notification and acknowledgement

Many of the moduWeb Unity functions are available immediately or with just a few clicks. Customer- and project-specific configurations can be easily implemented with SAUTER CASE Suite.

moduWeb Unity iPhone Responsive Design

IoT and cloud

moduWeb Unity can be accessed either directly as a web server or via API interface (RESTful web services) via the internet and for cloud solutions. moduWeb Unity offers a complete interface for integration into higher-level corporate systems or applications that require or evaluate information from the system.

Investment protection

moduWeb Unity provides an efficient management system for a smooth transition to a fully-fledged SAUTER Vision Center BEMS – from the engineering process through to daily use. moduWeb Unity makes it possible to implement a local fallback solution for operating and monitoring the system if the Cloud is temporarily inaccessible. moduWeb Unity and SAUTER Vision Center can be used simultaneously.

moduWeb Unity is compatible with its predecessor moduWeb Vision and is its natural successor. Projects can be easily migrated.

Demo server

Our moduWeb Unity demo version is available for you. Simply click on the image below or the following link.

User name: demo
Password: Passwd$$

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