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Public buildings

Public buildings make particular demands on the building automation. Despite high numbers of visitors, the room temperature is to remain constant and the air quality high. To keep the operating costs as low as possible, the energy must be used efficiently. Benefit from the technical solutions and know-how that our experts have gathered all over the world.

Deutsche Messe (Trade Fair) in Hanover (Germany): Deutsche Messe relies on digitalisation with SAUTER Vision Center

  • With 24 halls and pavilions on an exhibition area of 463,285 m²
  • 4 central process data managers (PDM) with 50,000 objects migrated from novaPro Open to SAUTER Vision Center


Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris (France): Paris airport complies with environmental guidelines thanks to SAUTER EMS.

  • Total area 225,000 m2 with processing capacity of 8.5 million passengers
  • For the consumption of heating energy alone, savings of 38 per cent due to SAUTER EMS


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