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Cloud IoT-Connector


Using the BACnet station and MQTT to enter the cloud 

easily, securely and innovatively

With digitalisation and the digital transformation, automation technology is also continuously developing..

Ubiquitous information and data acquisition, maximum mobility and the demand to access “things” from everywhere have led to the “Internet of Things”.

Applications and technologies from industrial automation with “Industry 4.0” and home automation (Smart Home) are combined by us as the “Building IoT” for “Smart Buildings”.

The SAUTER Cloud Connector ecos504-IoT is the trendsetter.

With ecos504-IoT the room automation can use information directly from the cloud to optimise the regulation. The communication is via the IoT protocol MQTT. However, information from the BACnet network can also be published in the cloud via MQTT.

The ecos504 with Cloud Connector ecos504-IoT is a programmable BACnet server (B-BC) with integrated BACnet MQTT gateway.

The MQTT Broker function is also optionally available on the ecos for data exchange with other MQTT devices. The communication via MQTT is encrypted with TLS.

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