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Mobile Building Services

The usual operating comfort from a Smart Home application in combination with a building automation system and BACnet.

The SAUTER Cloud separates operation by the residents via smartphone from the professional building management system of the property or facility manager.

SAUTER Vision Services
Operating the building from the cloud, monitoring energy flows and energy consumption, and optimising the operation and costs – the functions necessary for this are offered by SAUTER Vision Services. The functions and services can be used immediately and are always up to date. The SAUTER Cloud provides computer power and memory and saves the data reliably. It is not necessary to have servers in the building for the building management system. Thus the investment costs are reduced.

On the move or at home, enjoy the convenience of mobile operation of your underfloor heating with our app for your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Actuator
Intelligent field devices are mapped to the cloud. In the IoT you experience seamless integration into the Building Internet of Things (BIoT). The cloud provides valuable information on the maintenance and operation of the installation. All this without server infrastructure on site.

Higher-level optimisation, control and regulation tasks are executed securely and reliably in the cloud. The SAUTER Cloud IoT Connector with MQTT and modulo 6 provide the links to the local, physical installation. The local automation stations thus have less to do and benefit from the flexibly scalable computer power and memory.

modu 690-ZC – Automation in the cloud

SENG  – SAUTER Engineering

SENG  – SAUTER Engineering

Access to application know-how for smart buildings
From the planning to the building and commissioning to the operation and the future refurbishment, SENG provides solutions for smart buildings in the cloud.

The planning, building and commissioning benefit from a wide spectrum of ready-made, tried and tested solutions. The operation and the future refurbishment can access the individual configuration data of the installation at any time. SENG manages the project data “as build” in the cloud.

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