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Room automation station, ecos500

EY-RC 500

Room automation station, ecos500

How energy efficiency is improved

Powerful function modules in the ecos500 allow energy-optimised room control and the control of lights and blinds, and thus guarantee minimum energy consumption


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family

  • BACnet/IP communication (EN ISO 16484-5)

  • Programming/parameterisation via PC using CASE Suite (based on IEC 61131-3)

  • Room automation station for up to four rooms or room segments

  • Can be extended with up to sixteen ecoLink remote I/O modules

  • Free arrangement of hardware

  • The ecoUnit 3 (EY-RU 3**) and ecoUnit 1 (EY-RU 1**) room operating units enable individual adjustment of the room climate – mixed mode is possible

  • Optimises energy consumption via presence function, window contact monitoring, demand-controlled switching of fan speeds, control of lighting and window blinds, and time-dependent setpoint specification

  • Predictive control based on meteorological forecast data

  • Time and calendar function

  • Integration into the building management system via Ethernet/BACnet/IP data interface

  • Control libraries

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